Tuesday Morning: Finding a Path Out of New York's Blizzard

When dawn broke on Tuesday morning, and it was a beautiful sunrise by the way, it was apparent that the city would try its best to get back to normal. Out of economic necessity or out of sheer boredom, it was time to beat a path out of one of the worst storms in New York City history. The activity all morning centered around making literal paths to post-blizzard normal life - in clearing the streets, the sidewalks, and the runways.

daybreak over Washington Square Park, an optimistic sign

The city's Parks department had cleared paths around the fountain.

Schwartz Plaza at NYU, between the business school and the Bobst Library, shows evidence of some foot traffic

MacDougal Street, on the other hand, looked surreal and impassable.

Until a miracle came - the arrival of a Bud Lite truck making deliveries.  

Over on Broadway and Bleecker, even more signs of life. And the Amstel Light truck arrives. This part of the city requires beer to survive.

The path to recovery

And so it goes, as the city gets back to normal.

Images by Walking Off the Big Apple from Tuesday morning, December 28, 2010. See also this picture from Washington Square Park when the blizzard started intensifying, as well as these from Monday morning.

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