The Road Home from the Holiday Rush

Though the streets of New York may still be crowded with holiday shoppers, some residents and visitors are now finding their way home. With two days left to Christmas Eve, it's time to sort gifts, find the wrapping paper, bake the cookies, and warm the tired feet.

Bleecker and Lafayette

Santa himself should be a little tired by now, dreaming of a vacation in warm weather.

Weary Santa at the South Street Seaport

The holiday trees are starting to look a little lonesome and in need of a nap.

South Street Seaport Tree

May the streets lead you home to a warm room and a comfortable chair.

Downtown, holidays, New York City

After much strolling, Walking Off the Big Apple is home now, sorting gifts, finding wrapping paper, baking cookies and warming tired feet. It's been a wonderful year on the streets of the city, and I look forward to returning in the new year.

Happy Holidays, everyone! See you back here on New Year's Eve.

Images: intersection, Bleecker and Lafayette and Mulberry; Santa walking home from South Street Seaport; tree at South Street Seaport; Nassau Street (at Fulton Street). by Walking Off the Big Apple.

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