Welcome to Times Square. Please Have a Seat.

From Summer 2009

This morning the crews put out lawn chairs for visitors to Times Square to sit back and enjoy themselves for this Memorial Day. On one block were these colorful chairs, the kind most associate with the backyard picnic, and on another were lounge chairs, the kind you adjust to lie back, catch some sunshine and look up at the sky. Normally I avoid this pocket of urban insanity, but beginning with this weekend, the famous sections of Broadway through Times Square and another from Herald Square to Duffy Square have been turned into a pedestrian mall. Today at any rate, the street became the city's big neighborhood block party. As I have been writing for nearly two years about the pleasures of seeing the city on foot, I looked forward to this day. It was a great morning, clear skies and perfect temperature, to walk the two miles from Greenwich Village up to Times Square, and it was great, once there, to find so many places to finally sit down and rest.

Read more about the street closure in the article from the New York Times,"No Vehicles, but Plenty of People on Broadway."

Image of Times Square, May 25, 2009, by Walking Off the Big Apple. More on Flickr WOTBA. See an earlier entry on Times Square from April 2008.

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