Central Park: Refreshment Break at the Loeb Boathouse

When I emerged from the stroll in the Ramble, just described in the previous post, I emerged at the Loeb Boathouse where I saw many happy campers taking a needed break on this fine spring afternoon in Central Park. Why, on earth, should I walk to the Met today for a cup of tea when a glass of pinot grigio right here would do just fine?

So, in addition to my previous recommendations to bring along bottled water and a map of Central Park, tuck away $10 for these kind of post-wandering-in-the-woods emergencies.

After soaking in the Boathouse and watching the boaters out in the water, I realized I was just east of the Bethesda Terrace, and that, of course, the Terrace was near the wisteria-covered arbor, the Wifi place where I filed the posts from yesterday. That's where I am now. How convenient.

Tomorrow, more walks in Central Park, as I shift the walks north toward the Reservoir. I'm going home now, although I must say that I'm getting attached to the new workplace.

Image: at the Loeb Boathouse, May 6, 2008, approx. 2:40 p.m. I hope everyone has a good internet connection, because these pictures are large.

See more images at Flickr.

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