Central Park: My Temporary Office Near the Bethesda Terrace

It's 10:43 a.m. and I'm writing from my temporary office location in Central Park. I'm sitting under a wisteria-covered arbor next to the Rumsey Playfield just south of 72nd Street and the Bethesda Fountain and Terrace (above). I picked the location because it's a designated park Wi-fi location (link to NYC park wi-fi locations) Getting online was easier than thinking.

Just an hour ago I was home, and now I feel like I'm completely elsewhere. I hear the sounds of chirping birds, the music on a radio that the park crews are listening to me behind me, and the occasional helicopter. A visitor from Ottawa, Canada just asked me to take a picture of her, because this is her last day here, she said, and she realized she needed at least one picture of herself.

After taking the C train to 72nd, I got off the train at Central Park West. The Dakota apartment is there, and nearby, in the park, is Strawberry Fields and the Lennon "Imagine" memorial. I walked west through the park on a path near 72nd, following smaller paths to the Lake. Several people, not a ton, are out and about walking and strolling. It's verdant. So many azaleas are in bloom that Central Park looks like Augusta National.

Stay tuned for more timely, wired reports from Central Park.

Images: Bethesda Fountain and Terrace and my temporary office location under the wisteria in the Rumsey Playfield. Monday May 5, 2008, mid-morning.

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