Walking to Chelsea Is Not Impossible

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I've had occasion to walk around Chelsea and the far West Village for the past couple of days, and I finally figured out how to walk from Washington Square Park to Chelsea without wanting to kill myself. When I visited art galleries in Chelsea in the past, I would take the subway from W. 4th to 23rd. and 8th Ave. and then walk these increasingly endless blocks over to 10th and 11th Avenues. By then my feet hurt, and I would end up hating the art that I would have found enlightening had I taken a taxi.

But since I walk everywhere now, I thought I could find a more rational and yet entertaining way to get to Chelsea. Summoning a map, I realized I could zip up in a NW direction on Greenwich Ave. and then make my way to Chelsea Market for a little break and some refreshment. I found gelato works as a quick pick-me-up before art browsing along the west 20s.

Once I satisfied my art needs, I made my way back through the charming world of the far West Village. It's the one neighborhood of Manhattan that I can count on to fulfill fantasies of genteel urban life - tree-lined cobblestone streets, elegant townhouses, private gardens, gaslights, and little French cafes. It's the perfect NYC neighborhood in which to get lost.