Two Nice & Inexpensive New York City Hotels

If you're looking to come to New York City and walk the great avenues and tiny mysterious streets and alleyways, or if you live in NYC and would like to know about affordable hotels where friends can stay so they won't crash with you, I have a couple of recommendations. Before I moved here I stayed at these two places. I found them because they were cheap. The caveat is that the bathrooms are shared in the hallway. But I'm not hung up on that. Both places are popular with Europeans so you get a little Je Ne Sais Quoi.
  1. Larchmont Hotel. Located on pretty W. 11 th Street in the Village just off Fifth Avenue, the Larchmont caters to Euro travelers and hipper budget-minded Americanos. I stayed in a tiny comfy room on the top floor that looked out on the rooftops and was outfitted with a bed, a desk, a sink, a fluffy bathrobe, a TV, and a high-speed Internet connection. That's all I ever need. The hotel has a free breakfast, and when you're ready they'll take you down on the slightly creepy elevator to the dining room in the basement.
  2. Hotel 17. Best for its proximity to Union Square and Gramercy Park, the hotel has a funky and friendly atmosphere. Some students under my tutelage that stayed here found a way to climb onto the roof, drink wine, and make new friends. Woody Allen filmed Manhattan Murder Mystery here.
UPDATED and longer listing: See Affordable Accommodations: Summer 2008

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