A Healthy Diet

During the first few weeks of my diet and exercise strategy, I had to radically change the way I ate. I rediscovered fruits and vegetables and now make these the most important part of my diet.
Breakfast is important, and I eat a piece of fruit, a half a bagel or cereal or a low fat waffle. I drink coffee, often with soy milk. For lunch I often eat a bowl of yogurt with fruit and some granola-like topping, and for dinner, I tend to eat of small portion of protein along with a large salad and a vegetable. I drink a glass or two of wine with dinner, and I eat chocolate every day.
I do not believe in deprivation, as I tend toward the spoiled side of the human equation, and if I thought I was on a restricted diet I would hate it and quit.
You'll never get any preachy puritanical diet mandates on this site. I'm the bad girl you'd like to invite to happy hour for margaritas, not a diet guru.


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