EuroCondo Walking Tour: 40 Bond to 40 Mercer

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Walking Off the Big Apple has been so engrossed in the technological advancement of Google Maps that I have been tardy in my posts. Here, as promised, is a walking tour that takes us to two residential developments so out of human income reach that we must visit them. As I have explained, I think 40 Bond is beautiful. I am also interested in 40 Mercer, a building designed by Jean Nouvel. We must keep our eye on him, because he is building a taller and even flashier building next to Frank Gehry's on the west side.

Start at 40 Bond and proceed as shown. Feel free to enlarge (+) and click on this map, as I have annotated it and made it interactive. For example, click on the section of Spring Street, and you'll see it's all about France. If you have a web browser on your cell phone, you could download this map on there and follow along while you walk. But I would not.

This walk is not far. For me it took about an hour, but that included popping into Sur La Table to replace items I left on vacation and several minutes drinking coffee and browsing books at Housing Works on Crosby. The walk ends at Crosby and Houston, and I trust you can find your way home from there.

40 Mercer

Housing Works UsedBook Café

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